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The Site

Located on the land adjacent to GSK’s global R&D facility to the South of Stevenage town centre, we are working closely with our partners the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult and the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst to develop the site into a globally renowned centre for life science research and innovation.

The Proposals

The proposed development includes 1.6 million sq ft of new office, lab and GMP space. The new and expanded campus will provide a world-class landscaped setting with a range of amenities and facilities.

Health, well-being and inclusivity are at the heart of our design philosophy, alongside our efforts to minimise the impact we have on the planet.
A hybrid application will be submitted, requesting outline permission for the site area (permission for the principle of development) and detailed planning permission for the first phase. The scheme will be delivered in stages, with the outline and detailed elements illustrated below.

Illustrative masterplan - click to enlarge

Detail and outline boundaries plan - click to enlarge

The proposals would include:

  • Fifteen new buildings, primarily for research and development provision, and laboratory space
  • A staff amenity hub located at the core of the site
  • Significant open green space, including gardens, outdoor work and social spaces
  • Improved connectivity with pedestrian and cycle links throughout the site
  • A revised junction arrangement (A602 and Gunnels Wood Road) that will benefit the wider highways network  
  • Sustainable transport facilities and multistorey car park provision

Design approach

The overall design approach is inspired by the local character, including the existing GSK campus and the heritage of Stevenage town centre, illustrated below. The masterplan has been designed with open spaces and connectivity at its core to create a positive place to work and visit.

Stevenage Town Centre Heritage - click to enlarge

Stevenage Town Centre Regeneration - click to enlarge

GSK Campus - click to enlarge

The buildings will be designed to complement the topography of the site and will be built to varying heights, primarily 4 and 5 storeys and up to 8 storeys. Landmark buildings will be located at the main site entrances, serving as a gateway to the development, with the amenity hub serving as the site's focal point.

A staff amenity hub will provide a space for employees to socialise and relax, and there also is the possibility of including a gym in the hub.